Questions Often Asked About Teraglink Lakeshores Home Village by Intending Residents

  • What is the Title? You own the home & Lease the land from the Village.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of dwelling in the Village? To preserve the aesthetics and standards of our Village and to maintain the investment of our existing residents, we recommend quality suppliers for new manufactured homes.
  • What can a resident put on the site besides the moveable dwelling? eg. Carport or garden shed. Yes, usually. With the Village permission, this is determined by the block size & the dwelling code .The Village is gas compliant and the site is supplied with 32amps of power .Air conditioning units are restricted to 1.5 hp.
  • Rental Assistance? Yes, pensioners may be eligible for rental assistance from Centerlink (previously Social Security).
  • What are the site fees and what do they include? Site fees are approx. $175.00 per Week. Waterfront $185.00 per week. If you are a pensioner, eligible for rental assistance, the cost of living at Teraglin Lakeshores including garbage disposal and maintenance of all common areas, is approx. $85-00 per week for a couple after Rental Assistance. Singles eligible for full rental assistance pay approx $73-00. Please confirm your situation with Centerlink.

There are some other fees on entering the Village and these include:

o      Preparation of lease fee $16-50 (inc GST)

o      Electricity deposit $35-00

o      Letter Box Purchase $110-00 (inc GST)- NEW Home Only

  • What other expenses would I have? Electricity, gas, water, telephone and Public Liability Insurance.
  • Is there an Emergency Call system 24 Hours a day? Yes, you may choose to connect Vitalcall if you want to. In a situation requiring immediate action, Vitalcall’s Personal Response system allows voice contact with a qualified nurse, while an ambulance is on the way.
  • Are family and visitors allowed to stay with me? Yes. It is your home!
  • Are pets allowed? Pets are restricted to a bird in a cage or fish ONLY.
  • What protection does a resident have against loss of rights if the Village is sold to another organization? All agreements entered into are between you, the current owners and the Village; these agreements (by law) must be honored by any future purchaser.
  •  Who is responsible for the maintenance of my home? Your responsibilities are to maintain the interior and exterior of your home and the surrounding landscape. The Village management will look after the common grounds.
  • Can I still have Meals on Wheels & other Services if I require them? Yes.
  • Car parking? Resident’s vehicles must be parked on their site. Visitors may park inside or outside the boom gates in the areas provided or on the resident’s site if space is available.
  •  Do you have a hall & social activities? Yes, we have a Lending Library, Socials, Bingo, Card afternoons, Games Nights, Line Dancing, Pool Table, Darts, Indoor Carpet Bowls, & Craft afternoons. Also there is a pool open in summer months, outdoor BBQ area and tennis courts available.
  •  Do you have a Village Bus? Yes, our Village bus goes out shopping once a week. The bus is owned and maintained by the Village & residents pay only enough to cover the petrol costs.
  • Public transport? A bus stops regularly at our Village Entry. Courtesy Club buses also pick up regularly. They all have great cheap meals & entertainment.